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Around 3 weeks ago we had a mouse in the house, we managed to get it out and assumed it must have got in through the front door so didn't think anything of it. A few days ago we spotted another one in the kitchen so we've established that we have a problem. We put some traps down and in 2 days we've caught 5 mice. We've been through the whole house and cleaned any collections of droppings and cemented up all the holes we can find.
We're seeing no evidence of the mice other than finding them in the traps, no scratching or squeaking, there's nothing being chewed and boxes/bags containing food are not being touched, so I'm really not sure how big a problem we have. Also we have had 2 traps down and overnight last night only one was triggered so we're hoping their numbers are reducing. We've caught one very large mouse and the other 4 have been very small and young looking - is it possible this has been a mother and her young and if so how many young is she likely to have had? Or could this be a male and a bunch of females?
We've never had mice in the house or even in the area so we're a bit lost about what to do really other than putting traps down so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Dear Katie,

Every couples of months, a female mouse can throw a litter of around a half dozen or more pups. So it is possible you've gotten over the hump, so to speak.

You are doing everything you should do, just continue to set out traps at night - until you've gone a week or so without any mice caught. Hopefully, you've sealed everything up tightly (they can get through extremely tiny openings) and your trapping program will eliminate whatever population of mice you had.

If you continue to trap mice, intensify your search for potential entry points and nesting areas.

Hope this helps a bit,


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