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We have termites (not ground type) in our oven area and second floor bedroom.  Do you recommend we tent our house (5000 sf) or spot treat?  We've tried spot treating, but I find droppings.  If we tent, does the gas really not leave a residue so it's not necessary to wash dishes, etc.?  Lastly, do you think that the orange oil organic safe solution works on termites? Thank you!


As you know termites can be very serious structural pests in warm tropical regions like Hawaii. Tenting and fumigation (see is very effective but is expensive and provides no lasting or residual protection. It is, however, generally the first choice for drywood termites (see If done correctly there is no residual insecticide once the gas dissipates. Spot treating with a registered insecticide can be effective against small, localized infestations but since orange oil has no residual activity it probably won't work in this case. If you have a confirmed, extensive drywood infestation then tenting/fumigation may be the best option.

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