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About how long should an annual termite inspection take? My 1700 square foot house is 25 years old and was treated for a termite infestation about 6-7 years ago. I have to have an annual inspection to keep the "warrantee" in effect. I live in central OK where it's said, every house eventually gets termites.

Two years ago, the guy was here for less than 15 minutes and 10 of that was preparing the bill. I don't think that was adequate. Last year I told them I wanted a thorough inspection and he was here for about 20 minutes, including 10 minutes on the bill.

How long should it take?




A thorough inspection should take much longer (say 1-2 hrs) than this but it depends on how accessible the inside of the foundation is. The fact is that annual inspections are *not* needed and most so called warranties are more about marketing than actual termite protection. See for some general information about termites but I think the bottom line is that you might be better off to not get trapped into long-term contracts (by an implied "warranty") and just hire a local company to inspect and treat only when, and if, a problem is found.

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