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Tiny mites
Tiny mites  
The last month we've had a mite problem or at least we think they are mites. There are hundreds maybe thousands of these things (image attached) I know its not a great picture but they are tiny!! We havent found them in every room of the house. They seem to be in selected rooms. I am destroyed with bite. They aren't bed bugs though too small to be.They have an oval shaped body with two tiny antennas and an unknown number of legs. Either 4 or 6. No one in Ireland seems to know what they are but they are ruining my sleep and my skin. Please help. I have a video clip of them on our light switch but it wont let me attach it


I can't see enough detail to id. Your best option is to collect a few into alcohol using a damp cotton swab and submit the sample to either a nearby university or medical office. They will have the necessary microscope to examine the sample.

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