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QUESTION: I have used a pest control company and still cannot get rid of them. They seem to be coming from my closet which I emptied out and cleaned. Bugs keep appearing. What are they and how do I get rid of them?

ANSWER: Swati,

Can you get a picture of the bugs? Do they look like small moths?

Jack DeAngelis

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Flat bug
Flat bug  
QUESTION: Hopefully you can give me an answer

Yes, hopefully. These are called plaster bagworms, the larvae of a type of clothes moth. The adult moths fly but this stage does not. See for information about clothes moths. Besides cloth fibers plaster bagworms also feed on spider webs. Cleaning is the best control but unless you are finding damage to clothes or other natural fabrics don't be too concerned as these insects are otherwise harmless.

Jack DeAngelis

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