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What eats a hornet nest and hornets? The hornet nests on my property seem to get destroyed and the hornets disappear. For example there was a sizable hornet nest attached to the back of my lean-to about 50ft in the air. This lean-to is attached to a metal building and only open in the front. The next was clear in the back. I noticed today that the side of the nest has been tore open and there are no longer any hornets. Nest is still attached to lean-to. Everyone around me is complaining about wasps & hornets and mine keep disappearing. Not that I am complaining about them being gone, I just want to make sure that I don't kill or destroy whatever is killing the hornets.


Birds will often do this with nests that are high like yours and skunks will destroy ground nests. See for ways to control yellowjacket nests as well as the use of poison baits

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