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In the past couple months, my daughter's recently built home in Texas has become infested with what she initially thought were bedbugs - until she realized that not only were they biting, but also flying. I suggested they were fleas, actually hopping, but she said she watched several hover, so she's sure they flew. She has 1 well-groomed small dog that rarely is outside for long periods. I have no idea what the bug is. It's brown with a body shape almost like a tick, but 1/10th the size. On it's back under a strong magnifying class, legs or antennae weren't really obvious. Any ideas? Thanks for your input.


Can you get a photo? Otherwise capture a few into alcohol using a damp cotton swab. Take the sample to your county Cooperative Extension office and they will send it to the university for id. I can't really even make a guess unless I see a photo. Post a follow up if you have trouble locating the Extension office, tell me where your are (city) and I'll look up the county office.

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