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Bird mite
Bird mite  
A few days ago I started to find bird mites around my window, on my walls and on my bed. Since then I've been avoiding my room like the plague, beside having to spend the night in there. Which is why I'm asking for an idetification of the bug, because I'd like to know how long till the mite dies without a host. I've lost countless hours of sleep from fear of being near them. My mum also can't afford an extermination.


This looks more like a clover mite ( than a bird mite ( Notice how the mouthparts (between the front legs) appear to point downward in your photo whereas in bird mites these structures point forward. The image is not clear enough to be certain but I think these are probably clover mites. Clover mites commonly enter homes around windows. They are completely harmless, see page cited above.

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