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Scattered Droppings
Scattered Droppings  
Droppings on Laptop
Droppings on Laptop  
QUESTION: I just read a thread from 2011 where you commented; hoping you can help!

I rent a home on Clearwater Beach, FL.  There's clearly a termite problem.  I've been waiting over a week for the landlord to schedule someone to come out.  Apparently it's "termite season" here.

I am finding what is clearly termite droppings scattered around my desk.  To the point where dust and sweep up every morning and they're APPEARING on my laptop and desk AS I SIT AT there.

I am seeing NO signs of the bugs themselves.  I have inspected the ceiling and can't seem to find any holes where these droppings may be falling from.

I'm even finding them occasionally in my head and it's getting disgusting.

Any recommendations for controlling the mysteriously appearing dropping until I finally get an exterminator out here?

Thanks for your help!!!!

ANSWER: Jennifer,

If you examine the droppings with a magnifying glass do they appear to have ridges? A typical drywood termite dropping would look like a tiny football with ridges extending from end to end. Is this what they look like? Can you get a close-up photo?

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Close Up
Close Up  
QUESTION: Wow, thanks so much for the quick reply Jack!

Attached is the best I could do... Definitely football-shaped; hard to tel on the ridges.

Ok, those are very likely drywood termite pellets. Now the question is where's the infestation and how to treat it. Small infestations can be spot treated if you can locate them inside walls and ceilings (see Foam insecticides are very effective if placed correctly. Look carefully directly above the area where these pellets are found, there must be an exit hole where the pellets are being kicked out. You could try using a foam insecticide starting there and fanning out. Otherwise tenting and fumigating the entire structure may be the only option (see

Hope this helps.

Jack DeAngelis

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