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Since April only in my Son's bedroom he his getting bit at night.
He went on a trip to St.Louis so I thought bedbugs. Called an exterminator he said, "No". My son found the littlest white speck he found moving. We have since removed his water bed, fogged, and tried some
other chemicals. Much better than it was before but still getting bit.
Can you please tell me what i should/can do? The bites itch and welts
the skin. Thank you in advance for your help.


The small white bug sounds like a mold mite (see but mold mites don't bite. They do, however, indicate excessive dampness which can lead to mold growth on which the mites feed. Mold also can cause allergic reactions in some people and in fact your son's symptoms sound more like mold allergy than bug bites. You might try locating/eliminating sources of excess moisture/mold and possibly treating the allergy with OTC meds.

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