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Hello.. Wondering if you could please help.
Back in June 2013, I brought some perfume boxes home from my work storage unit...a facility that was open to others to store too.  Upon opening a box in my basement..a moth flew out...not knowing moth types, I just went to Home Depot bought moth pheromone traps..the pantry moth type and set a few in the rafters of the unfinished basement.  I would periodical check them...nothing was found.  I figured I just had had a stray come home with me straggler from some adjoining storage unit.  Fast forward last year, May 2015.. We began to see moths flying around.. I re-checked the traps, and wow, they were full of  moths.  The Unfinished basement, we used as storage, and had koi fish food down there. And a lot of other stored items.
….. by the time we got a handle and figured out what we kept seeing flying in basement were IMM it was August 2015 ..we took out a lot of clutter and bought new traps and took out fish food and a ton of stored stuff that we had down there. Fish food we took out and put in storage shed..waited all summer no larvae developed!!!! Last year we did NOT find the actual source and only saw dead larvae after a thorough cleaning around the window sill, dead larvae around an old ant bait trap. Never a nest, mainly dead one in traps and the flying ones we killed. Mid October 2015.. We stopped seeing them, and we’re told by an online pest shop they hibernate in cold (we’re in Michigan) and not to be surprised if we see them again in the spring…well mid May 2016.. They’re back… Not any where near the amount last year and we no longer see any flying…one in the trap very few days or stuck on the fly traps I hung up..thinking they’d attract females??… Again, NOTHING EVER upstairs in the kitchen (last year I had kept traps upstairs for a while and never caught or seen any upstairs and was told to remove them as they’ll attract them from downstairs.)… I keep ALL food upstairs in fridge and even took the step to cover all vents and basement door is always closed and when we go down there we are so careful coming back up.  And  this year emptied the basement down to virtually empty, had an exterminator out who searched and cannot find any food source.. He has sprayed twice at 30 day intervals.. finding dead ones now on floor more then get caught in traps...but we're still catching I traps even after 2 sprays and so much clearing and clean up) He recommended removing/ changing insulation around perimeter of basement its from 1992…. Could be a source of nesting behind it).. We’ll be getting foam kind to seal any cracks)also to see if maybe we missed an old ant bait trap or what could be sustaining them??? We are at our wits end... It's a 1500sq ft unfinished basement, very clean and empty at this point and no know food down their!!
Could we be dealing with reminants from last year this far into this season??? Again we are seeing them abating but just want to be done..but then again we have had the area sprayed which helped abate the issue too. It has consumed my husband and I with non stop cleaning and searching…we thought they could be coming from outside but the Windows we have down there are glass block with no vents.. And unless they are doing komakazee moves to come in??? Please if you could give us some insight??Thanks and sorry for being so long with this message!!!

Dear Linda,

Kudos to you and yours for all the hard work you've done. Unfortunately, sometimes that's what required.

But, that's pretty much over with now. Now, you or your pest person need to get a residual spray into each and every crack or crevice you can find in the walls, floor, etc. A general surface spray is ok but, a crack and crevice treatment is really needed.

Have that done and hopefully, you'll be done

Hope this helps,


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