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I am not convinced.  When you spray a roach with an insecticide, you see it die.  There are tons of testimonials and advertisements about Harris, borax and homemade baits using boric acid/borax.  But it's all anecdotal.  Consumer Reports hasn't done anything on the subject.  Can you point to any independent study that demonstrates effectiveness?  I've even tried to find a Youtube segment that shows a roach and a tablet to see what happens, but no luck.



I don't follow, is this a follow-up to an earlier question? Are you asking if boric acid is effective against cockroaches?

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Oh, not a direct follow up.  I just would like to find proof that something like Harris is effective.  Not statements by the company or testimonials.  Just was hoping you might be able to point me to some study or tests.  If not, okay.  I've been looking awhile with no success.

I don't have any references handy re: boric acid as insect control but it is generally accepted to be a low toxicity (but slow acting) toxin for a variety of insect pests. See for some general information. I've used boric acid powder for both cockroaches and incorporated into ant bait and it has worked very well. You might google "boric acid stomach poison insects" or something similar.

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