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Aloha from Hawaii.  We are most recently dealing with a been infestation in the attic of a fairly-new home addition (2008).  Never a problem in the past.  Upon further investigation it was determined that the round attic air vent holes located throughout the newest home addition were not fitted with a screening device.  We are now seeking such a screening device; our local pest control service is recommending a mechanism that also prevents termite infestations in the attic proper.  But the product being recommended appears very bulky in appearance and wouldn't aesthetically appear nice when all the holes are handled in this manner under the eves of the entire home.  Can you recommend or at least provide us with links to products that would serve our purpose that might appear more pleasing to the outward appearance of the home?  Also, from reading other termite-protection related articles, we read that termite protection for attics may not even be necessary and are thinking our pest control company might be trying to sell us something we don't een need.  Thank you for your guidance on this issue.


I assume you are talking about soffit vents. Why not purchase plastic screen vents that fit in these holes? The vents are available from places like Home Depot. It is a good idea to screen these holes as any number of things (including birds and rodents) can use them to gain access to the attic. If I've missed something post a follow-up.

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