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For the past 2 years I have had the Advance Termite Bait system (9 stations at approx 20 ft intervals) installed around our house; and these stations are checked by the exterminating company every 3 months.  Now, I am considering changing companies and brands of monitoring stations.  I am interested in Sentricon stations, however it is my understanding that they only check the stations once a year.  Is Sentricon better than Advance?  Does checking the stations too fequently disturb the process of termites taking poison back to their nests?  Thank you.


The Sentricon label I have calls for service every 2-6 weeks, not once a year. I think this interval is more a function of the new company rather than the bait. It is true that you want to be careful when checking any station not to disturb any termite feeding that may be going on. Have you considered doing the baiting yourself and setting your own schedule, see Post a follow-up if you have questions.

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