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Pest Control/carpet beetle larvae problem


Laura Gazz wrote at 2007-10-23 18:02:03
While I did not have anything of the extreme nature of the problem described here, one suggestion that worked for me is to have my air ducts cleaned (at the suggestion of the exterminator).  Sometimes the lint and hair that accumulate in the ducts can be a food source.  The man who cleaned the ducts also recommended sealing off the area around the filter with tape so that no air (or anything else) from the basement got drawn into the ductwork.  Finally, it seems that there is a type of millipede which can be confused with varied carpet beetles (according to the 2nd exterminator) and since this homeowner is seeing evidence outside, perhaps this might be helpful information.

velda wrote at 2012-05-17 17:40:04
Were you able to get help with this?  I have some in my car.  We kill maybe five or six per day.  People had recommended natural remedies to us, so we've tried borax, tea tree oil, and citronella.  I haven't tried cedar chips yet but intend to buy some and stuff them behind the seats, since that's where the bugs typically appear.  If you've got any further ideas now, let me know.

cleanfreakkkk wrote at 2014-04-14 03:06:44
I discovered them recently took adult carpet beetle to steve's bug off in Philadelphia.  I woke up one morning to find them crawling all over my sofa.  I have thrown it out, threw out all foods that are not in cans and anything new goes into containters, zip bags or fridge,freezer.  you need to take out EVERY drawer you own all the way out and then vaccum every drawer and behind the drawers, you won't believe what is in there.  bag up all your clothes til you can was them thouroughly in the machine w/ borax.  Walmart/ shoprite.  vacuum vacuum and vacuum, vacuum furniture tops bottoms , carpets, empty every clost and inspect. afgter you wash any and all closthes keep them bagged up oh and dry on hottest heat you can. remove any plants, real or fake.  chuck all foods like grains.  we were told you use permethrin 99% stenght and for each ounce mix in a little tiny bottle of IGR insect growth retardant to break their cycle and they cannot reproduce.  any feather pillows in drier  hot as possible for about an hour and do it more than once to be  sure.  you can even wash your clothes in borax throw like 1/2 cup in with the wash.  pull out all furniture vacuum thoroughly ALL OVER  empty all closets and inspect everything and vacuum them and spray them.  wash down all cuppards , shelfs w/ bleach and you can put some borax around it will dry them out and cut them like glass, you must go crazy, if they are on a sofa either chuck it or vacuum it constantly, mine I think were living in there from pet hair, my cat has passed now.  some say to spray the perimeter of the outside of the building, and make sure their are no holes in your ceiling anywhere, they can come in from the attic aor from airvents and can just blow in windows so if you live near a bunch of trees, don't open your windows in early spring til summer's over..... good luck

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