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Dear Jack,
In the last few months we noticed these tiny insects that are blackish and winged that jump and seem to fly short distances. They congregate mainly on windows, windowsills, and walls near windows but we still find them on a table for example. They seem to have a short life span and we can see that they are coming from outside since there is an inordinate amount of them on the outside of windows. See link of additional photos, please. We appreciate your help! Thank you.


I can't see these clearly enough to be certain but they appear to a planthopper (Homoptera). Related insects often migrate in the fall from agricultural fields or orchards. During this migration they can end up on houses. They are harmless and will go away as the weather get cold. If you can get a clear image I'd be glad to take another look to confirm. See for suggestions about photographing insects.

Jack DeAngelis  


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