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Our poor [San Augustine] lawn has been assaulted on all dimensions! Grub worm destruction despite using beneficial nematodes, drought, (but we have a well), but the latest and greatest is armadillos. !!!! Does that chemical "fence" really work? If not, what do we do?  Thanks

Read to see my opinion about the role of repellents in wildlife damage management. It will explain even when repellents are effective, they rarely work the way homeowners want them too.

As for repellents and armadillos, I am not aware of any repellent that has been shown to be effective on armadillos. But I welcome companies to send me the peer-reviewed research (few even have this data, they often rely on fickle anecdotal responses). My advice, buyer beware.

If you want certainty, install a fence or perform lethal control in accordance to your state and local laws.
I would love some quality photos of the damage. You can contact me at  


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