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Pests/Weak Grass; Organic Fertilizers


hi, i live in california and last summer i layed new sod and its still nice and green  but its like it did not get strong roots it seems very weak when i cut it where i walk and wheels from mower the blades do not spring back they lay flat it takes several days is there any organic thing i can do to thicken and strengthen it  thankyou very much for your help , gary

Gary, corn meal is probably the safest and most inexpensive organic fertilizer for grass. But there are also commercial products that are more balanced and designed specifically for lawns.

My advice is to review a couple of organic merchants that specialize in this type of product. My two favorites are Gardens Alive and Planet Natural. Just be advised that organic fertilizers are much more expensive than synthetically processed fertilizers. However, if your area is small, it is well worth the investment.

I hope this information helps. Please feel free to write again should you have any questions.

Best regards, and have a safe and healthy New Year.



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