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Pests/Beetle in my daughter's room


Brown Beetle
Brown Beetle  

Brown Beetle
Brown Beetle  
Hi Mr. DeAngelis-

The other night we came into my daughter's room to put her to bed and this beetle (I assume it's a beetle), and 300 or more of it's closest friends, had infested the window sill and the light.  We had left her window open (with a screen) and the light on (if that is relevant information).  Since then, we have kept her window closed and only found a few around the house.  Her room is on the second story (again, if relevant).  It seems to be attracted to light, can fly.  It has 6 legs, a noticeable head, and noticeable antenna.  It is approximately 1/10 the size of my pinkie nail.  We're not sure if we should be concerned.  Any help you might provide in identifying this insect would be much appreciated.


Brian Brown

P.S.  I apologize that the pictures are difficult to see.  I've done my best.  The bug is really small and I had to trap it in a plastic bag.


It is a beetle but I can't see enough details to id further. There are no beetles like this that are a concern from a health standpoint. It looks too large to have come through an intact screen so these may be one of the stored product beetles like a drugstore beetle (see for picture) in which case there's an infestation in some type of stored food such as cereal or dry pet food. Search around you'll know you've found it when you find it. Post a follow up if you have questions.

Jack DeAngelis


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