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Hi. I have a question about silverfish. I am seeing them in the room I rent. It has carpet and an ensuite. At first I would just see them in the ensuite as I turned the light on but now I am seeing them in the main bedroom near to my suitcase which I keep upright on the floor. It isn't a hard shell suitcase so is there any chance the silverfish can get inside? I have a ton of unwashed clothes in there. What conditions do silverfish like? Because its not hot and muggy in here. Its quite cold. I thought they like hot and humid.
I purchased raid ant and roach spray as its also for silverfish but I'm not sure if its done the trick. There are also tiny holes in the wall. Is that caused by them,?

Thank you so much!


Silverfish prefer damp conditions and the closely related firebrat prefers dry and hot (see for pictures). Both can cause minor damage to stored papers and other starchy materials but are otherwise harmless. They don't damage walls. I doubt that insecticides will do much good and the sprays can be messy. A dust type botanical insecticide (see page above) might be better.

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