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A few weeks ago I heard a scratching on my ceiling. I ignored it. About a month later, I hear it again. Same scratch, same spot in my ceiling. It appears to be a mouse or some rodent. However, I have found no sign of a rodent in my house. No droppings, nothing in traps, no holes. The only thing was the scratching and little pitter patters of feet. What is it, why can't I hear it all the time, how do I get rid of it, and how do I keep it from coming back?

What you are describing isn't that unusual. There is a whole world available to mice between the exterior and interior walls. Typically, if you see sign in the living space it is due to spill over from an over abundant rodent population in the walls.

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I trust you understand that I am assuming your diagnosis is correct. If you have doubts, I would visit and take the inspection course (it's free) so you can learn the basic tips of how to identify wildlife damage. If you want even more detail, then read my book, The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook 3rd ed. It's available at Amazon and other outlets.

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