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Tiny tan bugs
Tiny tan bugs  
Hi, I am hoping you can help me identify some tiny white/tan bugs that I found all over my RV.  I've taken a picture so you can get an idea.  There are hundreds of these crawling all over my RV and I don't know where they're from.  I'm concerned they might be an indicator of mold or water issue.  They are very tiny - pinhead - and they seem to crawl, but may fly or jump.  They appear to have 6 legs, two antenna, a long torso and a black pointed end.  Any insight into what type of bug this is and what attracts them would be greatly appreciated.  I live in the Sacramento area.  We recently had some rain, its in the 70's with humidity in the mid-40's.


This is a thrips, see for another picture. They feed on plants and are attracted to certain colors like blue. They are completely harmless and do not indicate a problem with mold. These are probably coming out of nearby agricultural fields or orchards.

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