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Hi, i am recovering from a surgery & am living in my basement & spend the majority of my time in bed. I have noticed an insect that i could swear is a fruit fly. I have no fruit or vegetables out in the basement. I have snaks in zip lock baggies in my bed but they aren't fresh food. I eat my meals in bed but as soon as im done eating they are taken upstairs. My mom as already killed 1 fruit fly look a like on the bathroom mirror. I have still seen the tiny black flying bug in my room since, however its tiny size makes it impossible for me to see where it lands or examine it further. Do you have any ideas on what it may be or how to get rid of it/them?


Fruit flies or vinegar flies (see are not necessarily associated with whole fruits and vegetables. They occur anywhere there is compost and are strong fliers so might be coming from anywhere in the house, or even outside. My guess is they are coming from a compost bin in the house or perhaps a garden area near the house. The flies are harmless and no reason for concern.

I hope you are getting better.

Jack DeAngelis  


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