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Hello, a couple days ago I have noticed tiny crawling bugs under my rug in my foyer . I cleaned up the area and got rid of the rug. I hired pest control and he said hat I have sprintails as well as clover mites. He sprayed the inside and two feet out from building outside. He explained to me that I will see some activity for a couple of days. The activity has been increased now an I have these tiny bugs moving into other rooms as well. When I push down on them they don't leave a re mark at all and I thought clover mites would leave a red stain but these little pest don't leave any marking. I'm so frustrated that I wanna move out of my apartment . The activity is mostly on the south side of the house and we can't open windows anymore either. Please HELP


Springtails can usually be identified because they tend to hop or jump when disturbed (see for pictures). Clover mites can be identified by their long front legs that can look like antennae (see for a picture). You may need a magnifying glass to see these clearly. There is also another mite that commonly enters homes called the mold mite (see These small, white/tan don't leave a stain when crushed. As a last option you could collect a few in alcohol using a damp cotton swab and get them identified through your local Extension office (

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