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My patio table and chairs are surrounded by evergreen bushes.  I recently noticed tiny pinkish crawling things on the dark edges of the table which I think are some kind of spider mite.  I suspect they are coming from the bushes although they don't seem to have any damage and I can't see the mites on the bushes.  There are some white clusters on some of the needles - eggs?  How do I get rid of these?  I find it unpleasant to sit on my patio knowing these tiny creatures are crawling around and I'm afraid that I will bring them into the house. I live on Long Island, New York.  We have had lots of rain recently and not too high temperatures yet.   Thank you.  Bonnie


These sound like clover mites, a type of spider mite. See for a picture and if you can get a close look you should be able to see a pair of long front legs that may look like antennae (mites don't have antennae). Treating the area with Insecticidal Soap is probably the best option (see Don't use household soap as this can damage plants.

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