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Pests/springtails, gnats infested my house


I had stray cats giving 3 babies in my backyards causing fleas.  I cleaned up and accidentially brought fleas, springtails and gnats into the house, car/van and even the workplace.
Now I got the pest control guys spraying the backyard outdoors and also inside the house with fogger.  But the springtails did not go away.  They are still there even inside the car.
They crawled at day times and at night time, they jumped more and made me scratched all over the place my body.  I moved all the plants to the outside and still did not improve.  I kept vacuuming every day 2 times and no help.  Would you help me please?


Springtails (collembola) do not infest homes nor do they cause skin irritation. These primitive insects live in the soil where they feed on mold and bacteria (see for a picture). There are very few insects and mites that actually bite people but there are many thing that can be confused with bug bites (see for a list of both). My guess is that what you are experiencing is not caused by sprintails. Many times these sensations can be traced to allergies and/or anxiety. I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

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