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Hey I am from South Asia.. Squirrels are rapidly increasing in numbers. They are nesting in our Curtain Chic and utilizing all of its cotton in making their homes.. Sometimes they nest even in our Water Heater(Geezer) and our burned when we turn it on.. They are proving to be headache for use. Please give a solution to eradicate them from our house...


You didn't provide the species of the squirrel. But the principles of wildlife damage management are fairly straight forward.

First, exclude them from the structure by repairing holes, screening windows, closing doors, etc.
Second, remove all food sources as possible.
Third, if the two methods above don't work, then employ population reduction. I can't be more specific on control as I don't know how big your squirrels are. But in the mean time, discover the laws in your country regarding wildlife control. For instance are the squirrels protected? Can they be trapped? Can they be killed? Is poison legal?
Remember, just because something is legal doesn't mean it is wise.
Additional control information on various species of tree squirrels can be found at  


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