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Hi. I've been dealing with a parasite that, under my handheld microscope, looks sometimes like a dark piece of string and some like twisted whitish spider legs. Both about the size of a period to the naked eye. The second of these can move through the air onto other people. I know this because when I go around people outside my home, I can sometimes feel movement around my mouth and nose and a few seconds later, the person near me starts scratching their face and then looking at their fingers as if they expect to see something. This has happened repeatedly and on a daily basis in the last month or so. I caught one of the specks on my lint roller as it "flew?" off of me and looked at it under my microscope. These are definitely alive because there is movement when I blow some air onto them and the movement continues long after my wind is gone. The dermatologist tells me that there are no human parasites that can do this and that I just have Rosacia. The antibiotic cream that she prescribed 6 weeks ago seems to just make things worse. At my wits end. Could you please provide some insight? If so, I will be eternally grateful! Thanks.


I have to agree with your dermatologist, there are no human parasites that do what you describe. I'm not an MD but I have read that anxiety can sometimes causes these sensations. You might discuss this possibility with your family doctor. Good luck.

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