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Hi jack,
My name is Jacob and I am 17 and from Ireland.

A couple of weeks ago I had found one bug in my bedroom. It was light great and really slim and walked really fast along the floor. I killed it and got ride of it.

Three days ago I was laying on my bed when I felt a sudden shard pain on the inside of my arm and when I looked the same bug just larger was just hanging out of my skin.

Tonight I found this big in a black large form with two smaller baby ones.

I have no idea what they could be but if they are biting me then I would like to know it's safe and try get rid of ot.

The bus is small and black/grey and it's very narrow and long in a teardrop shape.

It has also been eating other insects.

Can you please identify the big and tell me how to get rid of them.

Jacob Downey.


This is a silverfish or firebrat, see for pictures. These insects don't bite. Check the page cited above for ways to control them. I don't know what might have bitten you but if you can get a picture I'd be glad to take a look.

Jack DeAngelis


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