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This little brown dude
This little brown dude  
I find these little bugs dead on my kitchen windowsill and laundry room floor (both white surfaces) every morning.  On occasion, I might see one flying, but mostly notice them dead.  At first I didn't pay much attention and just vacuumed them up figuring what ever they are they will eventually go away.  However, after a couple months they remain.  I live in southern Ohio and the bugs appear to be in the beetle family.  However, they are very small and hard to see with my 54 year old eyes.  Please help.  

PS: The picture shows one that is almost dead.


Looks like either the cigarette beetle or the closely related drugstore beetle (see for pictures). These beetle infest stored foods like cereals, dry pet food, tobacco, and so forth. Once you locate the infested items simply dispose and clean. Insecticides generally are not needed.

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