Hello, I live in the uk, and have recently discovered that we have an infestation of tiny creatures in our kitchen - cupboards, drawers, washing machine. From looking on google we think they are psocids. I am making myself ill worrying about them, i have bought a dehumidifier and and spending the day tomorrow cleaning the whole kitchen top to bottom and throwing everything out from the cupboards. Help me get rid of these please before i drive myself insane! I dont know how long we have had them for as they were discovered in the pile of boxed but opened foods we had on the worktop for a long while. I'm now obsessed with looking for them and have found them on the top of the washing machine and in drawers and cupboards as well the the tiles round the worktops.

Many thanks, Amy


If you post a picture I might be able to confirm the id. But, keep in mind that psocids (also call booklice in the US) are completely harmless. They can indicate a dampness/mold issue which may be a concern but the insects themselves are not a reason to panic. Cleaning and dehumidifying (plus finding the source of the moisture) is the best course of action so you are on the right track.

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