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I had a wasp nest next to my garden that someone recently destroyed.  I live in a residential neighborhood and would like to build a house/shelter for the wasps that would send a message that I want my wasps left alone.  Is this possible, or is it unnecessary, in that the wasps will eventually find a safe place to build a nest?  It really seemed that wasps were far greater in number when the wasp nest was next to my garden as it was last year before someone destroyed it.  I don't know if a small protruding board from my wooden fence would do the trick, or, if I should do a little more.

Thank you.


Do you know if these were social wasps such as yellowjackets (Vespula)? How big was the original nest and where was it? In general wasps will find their own nesting sites and there's no need to provide one as you might for a bumble bee or honey bee.

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