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Hello! I am hoping you will be able to assist with my question, since you seem to be the most qualified on the subject matter.
I live in New Port Richey, Fl., and last year purchased and planted a Honeybell orange tree. Since then, it has been through alot! Two deer attacks(built a fence around it,then built a higher fence),two orangedog caterpillar attacks(squished them, then squished them again!) and most recently, an inferstation of citrus leaf miners. Two days ago, I treated the tree with Bayer fruit citrus and vegtable insect control containing imidacloprid, hoping to kill off the infestation and prevent a secondary infestation.
My question is, I have read that you are to fertilize citrus trees three times a year, in March, May and October. We did fertilize in March, prior to the orangedog inccident. It is now May, and I feel that the tree would benefit from another round of fertilizer to stimulate new growth after the leafminer attack, but I have also read to withhold fertilizer to prevent new spurts of growth that the leafminers are attracted to. Oh, what to do!! After all this tree has been through, if we ever get some oranges they will be the most bitter of bitter from all the abuse, or the sweetest of sweet for all of the love and care I am trying to give it! Hope you can help. Thanks for your time!

You definitely want to continue the fertilization program to ensure optimum production.  The fertilizer can be applied in conjunction with the insecticide.

This fall, spray the trees with an oil-based insecticide to suffocate any eggs that may hatch next spring.  I use a product called Oil-Away from Gardens Alive.  Attached is a link to the product if you are interested.

Good luck with the tree, and enjoy your summer.




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