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windowsill bug
windowsill bug  
QUESTION: I have had these little bugs on the windowsill for a couple of months I keep spotting them on the coving too which makes me think they can fly. What can I do to get rid of them and what actually are they. Should I be worried?

ANSWER: Vikki,

The image is a little too small and fuzzy to be certain but I think this is a carpet beetle (Dermestidae) larva. See for a close-up of the larva (second image) and perhaps you can verify. Post a follow up if you get a closer image or have questions. Control info can be found on the page cited above.

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

a bit clearer
a bit clearer  
QUESTION: They done seem to be furry. They do spend a lot of time on their backs and definitely fly as I have just seen one move. I have attached another photo

Ok, from this image it appears to be an adult beetle (which do fly), possibly either the cigarette beetle or drugstore beetle. See for photos. These beetle are actually closely related to carpet beetles and all infest stored foods, including dry pet food. As with carpet beetles the trick is to find the source of infested food and dispose of it before treating with insecticide. None of these beetles are otherwise harmful.

Jack DeAngelis


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