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QUESTION: About a week ago i found a tiny bug crawling on my phone. I didnt think much about it until a few days later another one started crawling on my phone while I was in bed. I was pretty freaked out thinking it was scabbies or something. But I eventually calmed down after some clean sheets and stop worrying about it until about 3 days later I found one crawling on my arm. It was so tiny I wouldnt of even known it was there other then the itch.
After much research I decided it much of been a rat or bird mite that was brought in by my cat. that night however I could barely sleep because I itched so bad.
Again 2 days after the last one while laying next to my cat in bed I start itching again. This time I was able to collect it with some tape, but while looking at it, another itch on my arm pit and it looked like it was feeding.
So my question is: Is my cat able to bring home some mites that might feed on humans or is my room/bed infested with the little buggers? And what are they?
I have a decreased immune system and I haven't been getting much sleep do to fear or discomfort. So any help or advice would be welcomed. I have included some pictures of the 2 bugs I was able to collect with tape. They are very roughly between .5 and 1mm long.



It looks more like an insect called a psocid than a mite. I see only 3 pairs of legs, mites usually have 4 pairs. Psocids don't bite and would not cause the symptoms you describe. Your symptoms sound more like an allergic reaction of some kind. In fact allergies often mimic "bug" bites especially when someone is particular concerned about, and look for, bug bites. Rat/bird mites are not carried into home on pets. These mites are usually associated with rodent or bird nests (see for info about these mites). Sorry I can't be more specific.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your quick response and sorry for my late response.
I had my sister come over and she helped me find an answer, she thought it was dust mites too. We cleaned my room to the best of our abilities and washed everything including bed, mattress, and curtains. I felt rather confidant and slept in my bed again. But with luck, even with benadryl, I woke up to being bitten. Again I used tape to catch him. I then continued to sleep on the couch with no problem. I eventually let my cat outside and went back to my bed, again, no problem.
Now the only thing I can think of is whatever is finding me is getting to me from my cat. Hes an outdoor/indoor cat so who knows what he could be bringing in. That's why I originally thought bird/rodent mites from his catches or his hangout spots. But with me avoiding him he ended up on my lap while on the computer anyways and I didnt have trouble.
I took another picture, still a bad phone picture but zoomed quite a bit and ill include it. This one looks like it has more legs.
I'm lost and do not know what to do now. I just want to get a good night sleep without having to go to a hotel room. any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.

Ok, I think I can see the fourth pair of legs. It has the general shape of one of the bird/rodent/nest mites (there are several species). See for a photo and info about these mites. It is possible that there's a rodent or bird nest somewhere near that is the source of the mites. I start there by searching for an abandoned nest, I doubt very much that the cat is the source. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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