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dear sir
I am very familiar with spider-mites but this is one I have never seen before..under the scope it looks like a spider-mite egg but the egg has very long skinny legs extruding out of the apparent egg..some have 5 legs and some 8 legs..they do not move and seem to be attached under the leaves but have found a few on top of the leaves as well..a small leaf has hundreds of them, some piled on top of one sort of looks like a microscopic daddy long legs spider except amber white..
I placed an eggplant leaf in a jar and after a week there was no movement under the scope but I did find a few that had grown and could make out 2 eyes and starting to developed a body from the egg but still with the same long skinny legs..I've tried horticultural oil and avid but they are still there..
I wish I could see some movement but there is really has me stumped and hoping you can help..
thank you..
sorry but I have no image..


I'm sorry but this description does not match anything I'm familiar with, a photo would help. If a photo is not possible tell my where you are (city/state) and I may be able to suggest somewhere close that you can take a sample.

The closest entomology department is UC Davis ( or you can try contact your county Extension office (I'm not sure where your county seat is). Good luck. UC Davis is excellent, you may be able to send them a sample.

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