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Pests/please help me identify this bug


Hi, i found these bugs on my bed, and in between my sheets(around 5). My friend was staying in the house i just moved in. and she was feeling itchy and had few rash, I actually don't know if these 2 are related . Then we found one of these bugs in the living room flying. Could you please tell me more about this bug( if it is dangerous and how to get rid of it)  ,it is the size of a sesame seed and its dark brown and also there is no rotten food in my house


The image on the right shows two beetles. The beetles are harmless and may have flown in from outside. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the insects of central China so I can't id further. I also can't see enough detail in the image on the left to identify, I'm not even sure that it is an insect. Did the one on the left move? Where was it photographed? Sorry I can't be more specific. Post a follow up if you have more information or questions.

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