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Dear Jack,
I found one tiny dark brown bug under my child's pillow when I was making the bed (8year old). It was just laying there until I went to grab it and it moved pretty quickly. It died easily when I squeezed it between my thumb an finger. I squeezed it again to see if it had any "guts", but nothing came out. The bug is too small to see legs or antenna without a magnifying glass, but with a magnifying glass and a flashlight I think I see 2 antenna. It is pretty squished now, but it was all brown originally, and now that it is flattened appears to be lighter in front and darker in back. I took the whole bed apart and inspected everything really closely, and didn't see any other bugs or anything else that would indicate bed bugs, but I am still terrified. We are extremely careful when traveling and never bring any belongings in the home before thoroughly washing everything. can you please help me identify it? Thank you in advance


Without a photo an accurate id is not possible. However, it does not sound like a bed bug because bed bugs don't move very fast. All I can suggest is that if you see another try to get a photo and I'll be glad to take a look.

Jack DeAngelis


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