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Pet Rats/pet rat with apparant tumor????


frankie wrote at 2012-11-04 23:53:00
My rat Pepe has the same kind of lump that Robin described on Nermal. My vet had never seen anything like it, but it seems to have disappeared without treatment within 24 hours. I was wondering if Nermal got better with the antibiotics or if she needed an operation.

Tosha wrote at 2012-12-13 14:19:56
This happened to our female and the vet thought it was a prolapse because it was rather large. He did some research and did a procedure he had never done (clipped and stitch) in hopes the remaining tissue would pull back in and it did. She was totally fine the next day. They come out of the reproductive track due to the squeezing that happens when they poop.

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I am a veterinary assistant who has owned rats for 10 years and bred them for 5. In this time I have learned nearly everything there is to know about rats and continue to study more about them every day. I have been answering rat questions via IM and email for several years now and I am currently ranked #3 on Yahoo! Answers for the best answers in the rodents category.


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