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Pet Rats/two young rat babies


RAT MoM wrote at 2013-03-04 00:41:21
you are WRONG.....female rats CAN get pregnant as early as 4-5 weeks old!  That is why you are supposed to separate the boys from the girls at that time!

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I can answer general questions about Rat care, food, bedding, litters. What the first things are that you do when you buy a pet rat from either a shelter, pet store or a breeder. How to assure that you know what your getting into before purchasing a new pet. Things most breeders require you to have already set up at home before buying your pet.


I've been breeding fancy rats since "96", I have knowledge on breeding, raising, training and caring for fancy rats. I have first hand knowledge on what to do if certain events happen. And can give first hand accounts to solving common fancy rat problems.

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