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Hello my name is Ashley  and I have a 2 1/2 yr old female black hooded rat named Lucky!
I recently bred her to a blue male I recently got to see if she would take or not.
She 100% pregnant thats for sure and I think she might be going into labour, I had
Rats all my life but never bred. Me and my fiance wanted to breed her once to keep a female baby, for we have something to remember Lucky when she goes. Well this is whats going on.
Tonight she has been acting weird l, besides her nest building for the last few days and grooming herself like crazy. Tonight she laying on her back with her feet in the air, at different time when i went back to check on her her tummy was squeezing then releasing, and she is laying and sleeping on her side alot.  Does that mean she is going into labour? Are these normal signs?

Dear Ashley,

... Remember, if you read my profile, I am the sub... And I have not bred rats!  I have bred mice though.

But anyway, it sounds to me darn sure she is in labor. Leave her be. You should hear some cute squeaky sounds sometime tomorrow morning.

Best of luck! Any more complicated questions, ask Debbie! She is who I call when I need help. Of course you can write back to me, but you may need to wait a little bit to give me time to ask some breeders. I have friends on Facebook who can help.

Have fun with the babies. Keep two girls- rats may never live alone. Only adopt out in pairs or triplets, so no rat lives alone.

Squeaks n giggles,


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