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Hi Debbie,
I've been a rat owner for a little more than 6 months now, I have three gorgeous female fancy rats that I absolutely adore. I am curious as to what knowledge you have on the hygiene of pet rats and how clean they are compared to say a wild one. I purchased them from a pet store and was told they were vet assured, with that said I have undergone a lot of scrutiny and criticism as to how clean one's rats are and how safe it is to actually own them. I never thought there was a risk in owning a rat at least from a health perspective but more than one person has cautioned me of all the "diseases" and bad things they can contract and carry. Any information on your part would be excellent and I appreciate your time.

         Philip Spitz

Hi Phil,
There is only one disease you can possibly get from a pet rat, and that is rat-bite fever. You can read about this on my website at on the Rat Info page. It is a rare disease most common in young children. As long as you are aware of the symptoms of this disease, there is very little healthy risk to owning a rat. The only other possible major problem would be a severe allergy to them.

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