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Hi there, I recently bought a new rat. He is a black dumbo/rex mix and about 3 months old. one day i noticed one of his eyes were cloudy blue so i took him to the vet. the vet gave me an antiboitic and a topical for his eye. the next day after using the topical and antiboitic it was gone, so i stopped the antibotic, thinking that the topical removed the problem. but the cloudy blue eye came back about a week later, so I put him back on the antibotic and topical. Now it just keeps going away and coming back. he is still eating, drinking and acting normal.
please tell me if you know what this could be?  
thank you.

What kind of antibiotic was it?  As with humans, when prescribed an antibiotic, it should be taken from start to finish in order to ensure the bacteria is killed off completely.  As far as why it is coming and going, I am not certain.  A different antibiotic can be tried.

Another question:  is your vet an exotic vet or one that specializes in small animals?  If not, you may wish to seek a 2nd opinion from one who is an exotic vet or small animal specialist if you can find one in your area.

Rats of any age can develop eye infections and even cataracts, both of which could cause a cloudy cover of the eye.  Cataracts will cause eventual blindness.  Uveitis is one common eye infection that rats can develop, which is an inflammation and infection of the uveal tract.  Treatment includes anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids, eye drops and antibiotics.

I'm including a link to a page written by a long-time and well educated rat expert which includes details about eye infections and photos as well.  If the treatments don't work, a possible alternative is to have the infected eye removed, as it could be causing pain.  Read through the article and again, seek out a good rat vet.

Here is the link -->

Good luck and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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