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my little boy  Bob is going to be a year old in about months. He is very very timid but loving.. That being said i noticed about 3 days ago he got a  little bloat and i thought maybe he was just getting a little on the chunky side due to his lack of exercise lately,because my other male rat decided to dominate him and hurt his eye so now he has trouble seeing which in turn causes him to be a lil less active.

His bloat came on very sudden .... he has been eating and drinking still but not to the effect that he normally does. And today it really seems like he has lost quite a bit of his appetite but is still eating and drinking in very small amounts.
He also has dihheria  which just started today other than that hes been going 1 and 2 normally until today. i had to rub his hind end to help him go today and when he did go it came out very very soft and stunk like nothing i have ever smelled before. So my question to you is  what should i do? I can't afford an emergency vet out where i am they want 85$ just to take him in thats without treatment and such. Also he has slightly labored breathing not to the point where he cant breath at all but almost like he just ran laps and is trying to catch his breath.

PLEASE HELP  I don't know what to do with him!!!!!!!

Hi Kaiti,
I'm so sorry Bob is so sick. Have you tried feeling inside his abdomen to see if you can feel any lumps? Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that he might have cancer of the intestines. You do not need to take him to an emergency vet, but you should take him to your regular vet. However, I'm not really sure what a vet could do to help him, other than euthanize him. The alternative would be to euthanize him yourself with the information on my website at on the Rat Info page.

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