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my white rat's one eye become dark red & other eye turned white in some part & he is behaving strange from last 2 days...
what should I  do.???

Hi Sudhir,
It looks like maybe your rat has developed a cataract in his left eye. A cataract occurs when the lens of the eye turns white, instead of clear, and the rat can no longer see out of that eye. Cataracts are pretty common in older rats. There isn't anything you can do to treat it, and it doesn't cause any pain. The best thing to do is keep all the furnishings in the cage and play area in the same place so he can find his way around even if he is blind. How old is your rat?

An eye that turns dark red might be bleeding inside the front chamber of the eye. There isn't much you can do for this either, and it usually isn't painful, but it usually goes away on its own.

When you say your rat is behaving strangely, what is he doing?

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