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one of my two rats every morning has a lot of dirt (poryfin i think irs called)
around her eye but its always the same eye.what most worrime is that
that eye is standing very wide open and the skin around it is a lot more visible
then the other eye.I tried cleaning it with warm water a softly masaging it
and i give her eye drops (those you use to clean your eye ,ussually for contact lenses)
But it wont go away.After doing those things the eye is nice and clean but the next
morning its dirty and wide open again.She may have an infection in the skin around
the eye because the eyebol itself seems fine  she only blink a few times sometimes but
i dont like it can you help me please?

ANSWER: Dear Luke,

I just learned a new trick for eye problems: the first thing to try is a wet tea bag on the eye. Take the dry tea bag, wet it with cold water, hold it on the eyes for five minutes, and throw it away because it is only good for 20 minutes after getting wet. Do this twice a day, once in the morning after cleaning up her eye, and once before you go to bed.

If that does not help, get some eye ointment with an antibiotic in it. In the States we have Terramycin. Use it twice a day the same times.

If that doesn't work then she should go to the vet. Although a teary eye can mean an ingrown eyelash, it should not look infected. In the US our vets that are trained in "exotics" or "pocket pets" see rats. Regular cat and dog vets often do not know how rats are different from other pets.

I hope it gets cleared up soon.



WAIT -- just saw your second question with the photo. That eye does not look bad at all. If that is what it looks like in the morning, I do not see a problem unless it appears to bother or hurt the rat. I can't compare the two eyes as to size because there is only one in the picture. Can you send a photo straight on?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

good eye
good eye  

bad eye
bad eye  
QUESTION: Hi natasha sorry for sending twice an email i thought that you didnt get it
but can you tell me what an very wide open eye means and the very white
visible skin around the eye?and  what can it mean that a lot of poryfin comes
Out of an eye?it just doesnt seem wright.please help cause its hard to enjoy
my time with them if im worried all the time.thank you
ps whats eye ointment??

Dear Luke,

I answered the other one. I should always check before I answer one question :)

I sent you a link about rat eyes, so you will read that. The issue is if it begins to bulge. Being a little more open will probably resolve itself. Bulging is bad.

Eye ointment is something that you put in your eye; it is like cream/creme but it is oily. When I translate it into Spanish I get ungŁento.

Best of luck and health to him.



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