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Pet Rats/2 of my 4 rats have 'spazz' attacks


I got a female rat several months ago and just 2 weeks later she had her first batch of babies! I think it was about 3 weeks after they where born I found homes for all but 3 of them. (I re-homed them like 5 days before they where able to start breeding with each other, I don't remember exactly the length of time but I researched how long they need to be with mother and when they start breeding and separated them within a week of this happening) I kept 2 females with their mama and my male roams the house like a cat. he is even trained like a cat or a dog and is super smart. He interacts with my 4 dogs and they play like he is another puppy. He finally got near my cat recently and felt safe enough to eventually climb on my cats back, like he does the dogs. well as soon as he got on the cats back he like wrapped all 4 of his lil rat legs around my cat and started shaking like crazy and squeaking ! the cat barely noticed, but it freaked me out. he doesn't do this to the dogs. now once in a while he does the same thing on my shoe or my arm. its like he attacking but he doesn't bite or anything. (hes never bit anyone and is very gentle when we hand feed him) I also noticed one of my females jumped on her mama and did this yesterday! do you have any idea what they are doing? ive had several rats throughout the years and never seen this behavior! I don't think its a seizure and the babies are only maybe 3 months old.

Hi Corrina,

I have to say it sounds hilarious. Like a rodeo. If you have a Facebook account, post a video and send me the link :). At least send me a photo of the rat on a dog or cat!

It is dominant behavior. Possibly mating behavior. Nothing to worry about.

squeaks n giggles,


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