QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
This is an EMERGENCY. Toby one of my males fell out of the top part of the cage and now he's bleeding out his area that he pees out of and I'm panicking,I'm panicking Natasha.Hes not breathing right and I don't know what I'm going to do he's hurt and I don't know how to save him I can't go to a vet and I can't lose him! What am I supposed to do?will he die?

ANSWER: Jada sweetie this is horrible. Dear God.

He hurt something inside him and he is undoubtedly in agony. PLEASE BEG YOUR DAD to bring him to the vet to be put down, if nothing else. As an EMERGENCY. He has likely sustained terrible internal damage.

But starting right now--Do you have infants/children's liquid ibuprofen? Tylenol? Can you get one?

Give him one of the following (these are absolute maximum dosages and I don't even know his weight):

Children's Ibuprofen: one teaspoon
Infants Ibuprofen: 1/2 teaspoon
Children's Tylenol: 1-1/2 teaspoons
Children's Tylenol 2/3 teaspoon

Obviously infants ibuprofen is the easiest. EVERY FOUR HOURS

Keep him warm and try to get a lot of fluid in him.

The vet will tell you I am overdosing him but he is in agony and I want to make sure he feels as little pain as possible.

If you have a rat emergency you should write to Rattiluv, now that you have her email. She would have answered faster and known if there was anything to be done.

I hope his pain is a s short as possible, whether the pain meds help, the vet puts him down, or he dies.

Poor little man. I wish him and you strength.



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QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
I hope he's ok when I get home he's hurting I can tell but I'll try to get in contact with Shelagh  if he is in fact at home...I'll have to tell my sister she'll be heart broken as I am. im  trying not to cry  this is the worst news he wasn't moving when I left for school but he was alive I hope he is ok when I get back.I don't want him to suffer,but I couldn't stand it if he died.
When I get home ill ask my parents if getting him put down would be best,which I can't stand while we make arrangements for the vet what do I do to make him as comfortable as possible?
I can't believe this happened he has never done this before.I' ll give him Tylenol when I get home,and I'll try to stay strong for Toby,but at this moment I don't think I can.

ANSWER: Dear Jada,

All I can do is have my mice and rats pray for him.



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QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
Sorry it took me so long to reply Toby died a couple of hours ago....Dustin is going to a new home and Justin is as sweet as always moms taking me to the petstore after Dustin's new owners come get him...but I'm devasted he was improving and then when I went to check on him...Toby had gone to that rainbow bridge;( so I just thought I'd tell you.

Dear Jada,

I am so sorry about Toby. I hope you were giving him ibuprofen all that time? He must have been suffering greatly. Rats do not show pain.

So you are getting a new rat? Get two young ones but wait until they are 10 weeks to start intros.

Did you learn anything from what happened? Is there anything you will do differently this time?

I hope the people at Dustin's new home know how to resocialize a rat. Do they have other rats?



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