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Wound on Justin\'s belly
Wound on Justin's bell  
QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
I'm scared for the life of Justin my rat who got into a very unexepected bloody fight.I panicked I seperated  them as fast as I could  which in my mind wasn't fast enough.Justin now has a very nasty open wound on his belly.Please help I can't lose Justin I just can't,so please Natasha hurry.and we can't take him to the vet there's isn't one  that could help.Please hurry ,I don't know what to do!!!!!!


It's ok. He is going to be OK.

Rat skin is very, very strong and heals very, very fast. As long as you cleaned it, you will be amazed at how good it will look tomorrow.

BUT-- You have to watch it carefully. These are bad signs:

1. swelling
2. painful *around* the area
3. redness of skin *around* the area
3. smells bad

These are signs of infection and must be dealt with. I hope it doesn't happen but if so, if you can't get a vet, expect to pay quite a bit for fast shipping of antibiotics. If it waits, the infection can go inside (be systemic) and poison him.

Probably it will be fine. Did you follow instructions at the links for intros? This should not have happened. Read the instructions and watch the video about Glove Rat.

Be careful...



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QUESTION: Dear Natasha
He seems fine now,but I did follow the directions and this is what happened: I was sitting on my chair with Justin in my lap,Dustin jumps up on it and cuddles under Justin,they seem fine but as soon as I thought that he just randomly attacks Justin and they were boxing from what I could see ,since they were on my lap the only thing I had to separate them with was my hands almost getting bit by Dustin I noticed the wound on Justin's  belly and cleaned it with a little bit of water ,and I was so glad Justin wasn't a biter.when I told my mother about she was saying we can't keep Dustin because
he bites so much he even barbered some of the fur off Toby's now I'm left with no choices what am I to do the fact I Justin and Toby are going to be 2 in January and  Tobys showing his age more than Justin is and with that I just don't know.
But anyways back to Dustin After all this should we get rid of him or should we not?
And don't give me it's your decision your rat.anyways and Justin is feeling ok this morning still won't come  out of his box which in their cage Ive seperated the two floors just in case Toby on the top half and Justin in the bottom half,and of course Dustin in his own cage.

Dear Jada,

Complex rat interaction is something I am not that good at, but I have a bunch of friends who are. My friend Shelagh (sounds like Sheila) is a huge rescuer and can rehabilitate any rat. She is amazing. We love her very much for her kindness to the rats and to those of us with rat questions. Her Facebook name is Rattiluv :)

She has offered to talk to you and said I could give you her email address. However, it should not be made public. For this reason, I need you to write me a 'private' letter so no-one sees my answer but you.

You have to promise not to send her tons of letters!! She is very busy.

squeaks n giggles,


PS whatever you do do not try to put them together again. A belly wound can mean he was trying to kill him.  

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