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Hi! I went to Petsmart Tuesday and my daughter fell in love with the Fancy Rats. We got him everything the employee said he needed. She told us he would be fine alone! I should have researched but we live an hour and a half away so I took her word for it. Everything I have read says he needs a friend. He's 5 months old. My question is...will he remember his house mates he was with at Petsmart after 4 days? I've ordered a larger home for them but I'm worried they are not going to like one another. I'm going to make the drive Saturday. I am a true animal lover and I want to do everything possible to make them happy. My daughter has spent hours with him everyday since we got him. She's 14. Thanks so much.

Actually, I'm my experience rats can do okay alone. I had three that lived alone and never had problems. Now, I interacted with them daily so that could be why I had no problems. On the other hand, I'll never have another live alone for the simple fact that another rat provides something that we as humans can't.  The pair grooms each other, plays with each other and sleeps together. While he would be absolutely ok alone, it's always good to have a pair of anything in my opinion whether it be rats, cats, birds, or even fish. Just because it's good to have that interaction that we can't provide. Thank you for doing your research!  

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I currently have 4 rats, 2 females, 1 breeding male and my 5 year old male who has been retired. I have a degree in biology. I breed for feeders and pets. I have owned rats for 8 years and have bred for 6 years.


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